Chestfield Golf Club

White: 249 Yds Par 3
Yellow: 222 Yds Par 3
Red: 194 Yds Par 3


Hole 8

Our favourite par 4 - Sorry, I meant par 3!! That may be a bit of an in-joke but actually there is something in it. How would you view the hole if it was suddenly called a par 4? Suddenly it's a great birdie chance and not nearly as scary! Your attitude would change and I bet, again over a reasonable period, most would score lower on the hole! It even happens on tour - most of the long par 4s play to an average of about 4.5 and the par 5s of possibly up to 100 yards longer play to the same average!! So we can clearly see how mental this is and how it affects us.
How would you view the hole in summer conditions at 235 yards if it was a par 4? Would you not feel much happier knocking something down the hole short of the green and chipping in for a possible birdie but a safe par? I think you would. Instead as a par 3 we all feel under pressure to hit the ball as far as we can even though that is precisely the shot that can get us in the most trouble! Even the low handicappers should think about this. We should definitely go for the green but if I knew it was a par 4 I would be wanting to give myself the easiest opportunity to make 3. I would not want to go long or big right! So an easy swing with enough club at the front left would most often be the best play. Higher handicappers and shorter hitters should again hit an easy shot for the middle left of the fairway short of the green and then chip to the flag.
So next time you're at the 8th think of it as a par 4 and what you might do if it was. DO NOT let your ego get involved and make you hit a risky shot at the green, which is probably a low percentage shot for you anyway, with trouble everywhere!!

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