Chestfield Golf Club

Hole 6
White: 378 Yds Par 4
Yellow: 371 Yds Par 4
Red: 365 Yds Par 5


Hole 6

Very underrated. This is a tough hole for most because of three reasons. Firstly, the drive is uphill and the fairway slopes away from the dogleg. Secondly, you have an uphill second to a pin that seems to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Lastly, the green is subtle with lots of small slopes and undulations. My main observation on the 6th is that, once again, everyone comes up short with their clubbing. I have had to learn to add a club here for all full shots into the green and to take careful notice of the wind direction.
An example: if you hit your 7-iron 125 yards through the air and you have 150 yards left into the 6th green into a light breeze (in the summer), this is how I'd work it out: Flat that probably means you need a 5-iron so we'll add one and make it a 4 iron. Now we have a small breeze as well so it's playing at least one more club on top. So, a hybrid or 5-wood? Sounds a lot but try it - bet it gets you there and no more. For me 150 yards means a 5-iron in that example so what should you be using?

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