Chestfield Golf Club

Hole 4 Hole 4 Hole 4
White: 148 Yds Par 3
Yellow: 136 Yds Par 3
Red: 101 Yds Par 3


Hole 4

For such a short hole the 4th does cause lots of people problems. How many of you regularly go right here? An interesting example of this is one of the juniors who I regularly play the first 4 holes with on a Saturday. On the 4th he goes right everytime but if we play the 16th he often goes left! Clearly this is not technical as he should go the same way with all shots so something is causing him to change what he is doing.
The obvious problem with the 4th is it is uphill and this does make a lot of us change what we normally do. We tend to try to hit the ball up the hill rather than just swinging normally. This causes us to lean back a bit and generally come out of the shot, leaving the club face open. So, what's the answer? If you are someone who finds they go right at the 4th quite often (and that's lots of you!!) try to stand on the tee and imagine you have a downhill shot in front of you. Picture a shot or hole that you have played in the past and try to recreate how you would feel standing over that shot. Now swing imagining you are hitting to a green below you.
You should find that you stay down a lot easier and hit the ball straighter. Ironically it also means that as you release the club better you should also fly the ball higher than you think so you have no need to try to hit it up the slope. This is the same whether it is a 9-iron for you or a hybrid. Obviously the latter is slightly more difficult but that's why you're not playing off scratch! You still need to trust the club and hit it straight first.

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