Chestfield Golf Club

White: 552 Yds Par 5
Yellow: 457 Yds Par 5
Red: 439 Yds Par 5


Hole 2

The second is a different animal at the best of times! In the summer off the back tee it is arguably the hardest hole on the course and creates problems mainly because you can't see where your ball has landed most of the time. It demands you hit a very straight drive as there are problems left and right and then you still have a long way to go. So the first thing to say is that you need to respect the hole - this is one to play conservatively unless you are a big hitter and very confident with your driver.
The perfect shot, whether it is from the back tee or the front in the winter, is a cut off the left hand side. Why? Well my argument would be that the safe side is left. At all costs I don't want to go right! So if you naturally hit a left to right shape, give yourself plenty of room and let it happen always erring on the side of starting too far left. Someone who draws the ball or tries to runs the risk of either blocking the shot (not turning it right to left) or of over doing it and hooking it, which would actually be preferable. But whatever you do make sure you aim far enough left!!
Once you've safely negotiated the drive you then have another problem: I watch countless players then aim too far right with their second and then end up in the rough on the right which causes them all sorts of problems. Again this is similar to the first: most of us overestimate how far we can hit the ball and how much of a dogleg it is. Aim further left! Unless you are a big hitter you can aim at or even left of the tree in the fairway. It is a long way up to the trouble! Then you have a better look at the green which will help your approach. From there the same rule as on the tee applies - don't go right!! Be aware of your lie on the fairway - if the ball is below your feet it will probably go further right than you think so, again, give yourself room.

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