Chestfield Golf Club

Hole 17
White: 384 Yds Par 4
Yellow: 370 Yds Par 4
Red: 362 Yds Par 4


Hole 17

Really good hole that throws problems at us straight away. Shorter hitters have something of an advantage here as their normal length off the tee takes out the trouble on the right. A drive up the right hand side leaves you a chance to hit a hybrid or wood at the green with plenty of room left to bail out in. However, that side is not easy to chip from as you are usually landing somewhere on a downslope. In fact the green is probably the best feature of the 17th - several levels which make putting and chipping difficult from almost any angle make for a really good test.
So short hitters are forced into playing the hole the way they should - lay up short of the pond and then either left or short of the green - simple. It's the longer hitters that have to be more careful here: Jack Nicklaus says you should never try to draw or fade the ball away from trouble - always go the other side and fade or draw it away from that side. I personally agree with that and it is relevant here. The shot is a fade (or draw for a left hander) off the left hand trees. In the summer this is also good as the ball is then shaping up the second half of the hole which is left-to-right. Of course with a left hand wind this is far more difficult and then the wind will do the fading of the ball for you. As they say play 'with' the wind - hot a straight shot up the left side and let the wind move the ball. There is an argument for laying up just short of the pond. That still leaves you only just over 150 yards and I have to say that would be a good option if you need par for a win.
Whatever you decide to do the second has the same problem - we do not want to lose the ball right so it is a good shot to aim left edge and hit a fade. This will also help with almost all the pin positions except one - the back left pin, which I like to try to draw the ball into. So, my 'tip' for this hole is to respect it. A great drive when the pin is in an easy position makes this hole relatively simple but it has teeth and lots of them. Be careful!

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