Chestfield Golf Club

Hole 14
White: 401 Yds Par 4
Yellow: 370 Yds Par 4
Red: 329 Yds Par 4


Hole 14

The 14th is just hard! Uphill all the way, 401 yards off the back but playing more like 430-440 yards. Then a long shot into a very sloping green guarded by bunkers front left and right so the entrance is tiny. If you go long you're dead and left and right aren't much better. Oh, and that's as long as you've missed the tree from the back tee and hit a great drive. This is actually a hole where the index really is vital. When I play captain/pro I always think that I have a big disadvantage here - 4 is very good, 5 common. Birdies are very rare! So you guys with a shot, and that's pretty much everyone, should use it here! Remember, all the trouble is past the front of the green so at this hole more than any other it is wise to lay up short and hit a small pitch onto the green. Chances are you will be far more accurate with a short shot so the small entrance shouldn't be a problem. Low handicappers who can hit the green comfortably should clearly try to but be careful with your club choice. With reference to 'that tee shot' from the back tee - if the wind is off the left it really does make it difficult for right-handed faders of the ball but you simply cannot suddenly change what you normally do just like that. You have to play safe here and find the right hand side of the fairway or even the light rough. This actually makes your second easier as you can fade it across the fairway so don't worry about it. DON'T make the mistake of trying to hit the ball harder here because of the difficulty of the hole. That will only lead to more side spin and a bigger fade/slice. It really won't help - it's a three-shotter anyway so don't try to make up the distance here. Play a safe tee shot and try to make 5. That will do almost all of the time here!

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