Chestfield Golf Club

Hole 11 Hole 11
White: 476 Yds Par 5
Yellow: 471 Yds Par 5
Red: 470 Yds Par 5


Hole 11

This is clearly a great opportunity for almost all of us. Nowadays, a hole of this length on tour would be considered a long 'ish' par 4! Now, of course, that's ok for those players who regularly hit 300 yard drives and I suppose you think it is of no relevance to us? Well I don't think that's true. It is merely a longer hole for us but there's a clue in the previous par 4 statement. Remember what we said about the 8th? If it was a par 4 we'd view it very differently. Well what if the 11th was a par 4? What is the one thing we'd now be thinking as we stood on the tee?
Firstly, we'd want to hit a long drive but mostly we must give ourselves a chance to hit the green. We won't do that from behind a tree! I actually think the 11th is a really good hole that offers an opportunity to low handicappers but that very fact puts them under pressure - we MUST make a 4 at worst and that often creates pressure and problems. Think about it - in the right conditions we don't always need to hit driver here, sometimes 3-wood is better because it eliminates the chance of running into the trees. But let's be honest - most of us will think 'hit driver and if we hit a good one great, if not then it's a par 5'.
Nothing wrong with that most of the time but sometimes we can give ourselves a better chance. For shorter hitters the hole plays itself - miss the bunkers firstly then lay-up. The important shot is the third and if you can you want to leave yourself on the left side of the fairway for this shot - most of you will find it easier if you don't have to come in over the right hand bunker.

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