Green Staff

May I make a short introduction to the members of the team of Chestfield Golf Club Greens Staff.

The Senior Greenkeeper, David B, has been with the club now for 23 years and was promoted to Senior Greenkeeper 6 years ago. The greens he has produced in the last 5 years have been excellent, and Members and visitors alike have been complimentary about them. Each member of the team works on different areas of the course.

David B is greens and tees; Phil R, his deputy, is fairways and maintaining them and assists David B with the work programme. We then have Diesel Dave, who is responsible for the maintenance of the machinery from tractors to greens mowers. He also undertakes general maintenance on the course and around the club house, and which is an important part of the operation. Nick K, who again has been with the Club for 20+ years, undertakes cutting the greens, the surrounds and also helps with tee boxes and covers for other staff during holiday periods. Jason L is the man with the big machine, which cuts the rough and other parts of the course. Again he interchanges with other members of staff during holiday periods. Steven has been with the Club on a self employed basis for over 3 years. He undertakes various tasks around the Course and is an integral part of the team.

Over the last 5 years the Club has invested in a lot of resources in equipment and replacement machinery for the Green Staff which has resulted in a better quality of greens and fairways. The biggest improvement has been the condition of the rough.

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