Lady Captain’s Charity Day 2018

Thursday 24th May 2018


Kate and Mary’s Flower Stall


Mitrebeens Captain John Brant enjoying the day’s cakes


President Keith Davey with the Winning team from Dale Hill (Lady Captain Christine Dunlop just seen on the left).


Captain Darren Bovis starting the teams off (picture includes NTP 18th in 3 winner Cathy Yates).



Names Club


1st Place Linda Beasley Dale Hill
  Liz Dixon Dale Hill
  Jo Pearce Dale Hill
  Margaret Cudmore Dale Hill
2nd Place Penny Entwistle Chestfield
  Finola Paul Chestfield
  Lizzie Berry Canterbury
  Hills Brown Princes
3rd Place Sue Badley Northforeland
  Cindy Penny Northforeland
  Janet Feight Northforeland
  Rosie Wilson Northforeland
NTP 4th Visitors Lizzie Berry Canterbury
NTP 16th Members Finola Paul Chestfield
NTP 18th in 3 Cathy Yates Chestfield