Captain’s Speech

 Good Afternoon and Happy New Year!

Club news

I would like to thank everyone who attended the New Year’s Eve ball which was a great success.

Thank you to Steve and the team for supplying a wonderful dinner , well organised by Jo and great to see so many movers on the dance floor!

Warren and Simon are running the next winter league via the simulator so please put your names up in the goldfish bowl and ensure you are available on Wednesday evenings for the four week period as this is the main commitment for this tournament.

We have the Men’s Supper coming up in February so please keep an eye out for the sheet as this is a very popular event.

Rogue Gallery

Here we find our new Vice Vice Captain taking money from one of our older members after beating him comfortably in a match!

If any of you had wondered where Tommy Johnston had disappeared to, well here my spies have found him sunbathing in Margate , growing some dreadlocks so no one will recognise him upon his return!

Here we find our Head green Keeper Darren preparing himself for 18 holes with Trevor (let me talk to you about the course) Clark

During our Captain/Pro match against Dick ‘the fish’ Miles and Dwane ‘Harry’ Harrison we find a  surprised look on Dick’s face as he is finally spotted coming out of the woods with same ball he went in with 8 minutes earlier!

Next we spot Terry ‘Trigger’ McDowell playing his 2nd on 10 from the white tees on 14!! Yes big drive but sadly I did not get the 3rd and 4th shots which were taken 5 feet in front of this shot !!

This is Warren & Chubby modelling the new pre Xmas and post Xmas jumper!

I think we can all see who ate the turkey!!

Making his eagerly awaited debut on Rogues Gallery, it is great to see even one of our 2 handicappers  Richard ‘postman currently on strike’ Punyer emerging from out of bounds on the 7th . A little more practice Rich can help out with that you know!!

Any finally we now have film of what Pete ‘Nudger’ Newman does at home!!

At least he looks happier and smarter at home !

Have a good golfing week.