Captain’s Speech 09/06/19

It has been a while since my last report,  I didn’t want to inundate you with emails as the office have been sending out updates on Greens etc. 

Firstly I Would like to say how lucky we are having Veteran Ron Clements as a Chestfield member,  he was assigned to HMS Mountsea protecting the beaches on the 6th June 1944, now know as DDay. 

Ron, thank you from all the Chestfield members and your next beer at the club will be on me. 

On the 25th May the annual Captain’s Prize was held up on the 15th tee box, a big thank you from Lynn and myself,  with the assistance of Vice Steve and Kim Manning the club raised a brilliant £1050 for the Pilgrims Hospice. 

Thank you all very much,  fortunately the weather was kind and the beer flowed freely,  I did have a hang over the next day BUT when I saw Steve in the morning he looked a lot worse than me which was some comfort. 

Unfortunately on the 28th May in the Captain’s Cup Sally and Terry Jemmett and Sue Jones and myself lost away to Eltham Warren on the first play off hole,  the bubble had to burst at some time it’s just very disappointing when it does. 

Last Saturday we saw Warren’s Pro’s Day, that was a great day and enjoyed by all,  well done to Warren and his team for all their work. 

In the afternoon Paul Waters and myself played in the Top Club competition, this was played against Kings Hill Golf Club. You have two players from each team playing one home match and one away match,  I am very pleased to say that our away pairing was Derrick Clark and Trevor Clarke who had a magnificant win 5 up, and Paul and myself won our home match 6 up.

Well done lads. 

The East Kent League boss were out yesterday playing at Sene Valley, even with a valiant charge from James Dentate birding the last 3 holes the lads lost 3&2. 

Still a good result away from home. 

Since last writing Warren and I have played four Captain Pro matches, on the 12th May we played Martin Izzard and Russel Lewthwaite we were fortunate and after a great game played in fantastic spirit Warren and I won 3&2.

On the 26th May we faced the Hatton twins,  Ian and Neil,  I will never forget Warren’s question to the lads asking if they were twins,  this was another battle and we came through with a 5&4 win. 

The 2nd June saw us play past Captain and past President Nick Pout and Past Captain and present President Keith Nuddger Davey, if memory serves me well I think Keith only missed the Middle of a fairway (only by 2 yards) on two occasions, and the driving might of Nick made for a formidable pairing.

Fortunately I can report we won 2&1.

I’ve been working on my golf game as I don’t want to let Warren down,  and every now and then it all comes  together and I have actually driven off the tee 300 yards, on the 13th during the Captain Pro match I (as you will see from the photo) smashed my driver,  it went 200 yards upwards and didn’t quite go forward 100 yards, as the photo shows it brought much amusement to everyone at the hut. 

On Sunday the 9th June we played Dave Moys and Tommy Johnston this was always going to be a lively game as Dave is in good form with Tommy as his wingman. The pairing was formidable and on the 16th Warren and I were 2 down,  fortunately standing on the 18th we were all Square and the match ended in a fair (phew) half. 

Thank you to everyone we have played for their kind donations to the Pilgrims Hospice. 

Warren and myself have had some Titleist balls personalised so any pairing that beat us will get a very rare ball,  that hopefully won’t be seen around very often, I did however present Richard Miles with his and Dave’s ball from their win. 

I know the green staff have been up for criticism lately but please remember they are only carrying out a course plan that was set a couple of years ago,  they are working their socks off and the rain we have had last week will help massively. 

Everybody’s goal working on the course is to better the course and make Chestfield a premier club,  so please bear with us, the results you will see are for the better. 

I know sometimes things get on top of us all,  but negative comments don’t help the morale of the greens team,  I’m a pleased to say that we have more letters of support for the greens team than negative.

Head Green keeper Darren is very passionate about Chestfield and his job and the course is in very good hands and as such he has mine and the committee’s full support. 

The raffle today saw Matt Verall the winner, unfortunately he drew the 4 hearts out and then won a £10 from the envelope draw which he kindly donated. 

Other good news today was past Captain Peter Thomason had a hole in one on the 4th, I’m sure I heard him say he was elated to buy everyone a drink, although his face told a diffrent sorry. 

Have a happy golfing week to everyone.