Buggy Policy 2018

Chestfield Golf Club Buggy Policy 2018 states that the course will be closed to buggies should ground conditions be such that

  • There is a risk to health and Safety
  • There is a risk of excessive damage to the course

This decision will be taken by either

  • The General Manager
  • The Senior Greenkeeper present
  • The Chairman of Greens Committee
  • The Club Professional

Single seat ride on buggies are classed the same as electric trolleys have they have the same ground impact qualities. When Buggies are banned and trolleys are allowed then accordingly single seat on buggies will be permitted.

There is no exemption for medical certificates.

The course conditions will be reviewed daily.

Please note that the green staff are trained in driving their vehicles and there is a difference in tyre type and vehicular make up that will allow the greenstaff to continue using their vehicles when buggies are not allowed.


Grant Leggate

General Manager