Captain’s Speech 10/03/19

Good morning,

Club News

Sadly we lost Stewart Reid last week who, if I may say he is one of our club legends.

Stewart joined the club in 1970 and was a past captain and a member of the Manor Club .

On the golfing front he is our most successful golfer in the clubs history and is on the honours board and astonishing 56 times!! He will be sadly missed.

We have our Greens Night on Monday 25th March at 6:30, so again please please attend as Darren and the Team will be glad to answer any questions and give you their views for the course over the forthcoming years.

We have a number of social functions coming up so please do attend.

We held the annual Committee Match on Saturday which was played in what I thought were the toughest conditions ever until the following day which I will come back to later.

It was great to see our Past Captain Pete finally reach the second and have around a 70 foot putt for Par.

After his first putt he still had 68 feet to putt after topping the initial one!

It was also good to see our Ladies Captain Christine Dunlop not being afraid to use the out of bounds marker down 10 to keep the ball in play via a shot where the ball went at right angles, not too sure what you call that one Christine!!

The overall day was won with 35 points on count back by Peter McCaig with Colin Reid also on 35 points in second and Stuart Strudley with 34 points.

Captain/Pro Match

Our match this weekend was against Dru Sait and Richard ‘The Postman’ Punyer. After three holes Trev and I were 2 down but we did not panic as we knew the wind was getting up and Trev would come into his own.

I have seen this year some astonishing golf but what I witnessed in those conditions on Sunday was again another level.

Warren birdied the 2nd, 9th, 10th, 11th & 15th!

However we witnessed a shot on Sunday which all four of us just stood in amazement as the wind intervened with Trev’s drive on the sixth.

With a hooley blowing from left to right Trev hit his drive down the left hand side of the sixth but the wind decided that was not where it was going to finish as it then picked up Trev’s drive and dumped it on the far side of the seventh fairway!!

We won the match 4 & 3 and I would like to thank Dru and Richard for the kind donation to the Pilgrims Hospice.

Our match the previous week was against Richard Brown and Stuart Strudley which was a lovely match where we came through three and two and again thank you to both gentlemen for their kind donation to the hospice.

Just to show you that I do not always hit the ball straight here I am playing my second on the 2nd from the 15th fairway!

Caption taken from our Professional photographer  Mr Trev Bennett !

During one of the Captain/Pro matchess we had the pleasure of Ron Wilson walking round the last six holes and Ron was concerned about people playing out of the rough so to show him this was not a problem I managed to play my second shot on the 13th just opposite the ladies tee to show it is accessible and quite easy to play out off!

Ron was over the moon with the ease that a club can go through the rough as he took a very close look.

If you take a close look at this picture you will see that not only is Bear astonished to find his ball not on the right fairway but to other members looking back in amazement checking that it was Alex Young one of the best golfers on the wrong fairway !

Here we find Mr Rob Tucker obviously taking a very keen interest in a family of ants that have built a house near his ball !

Finally we find our usual weekly picture of Steve Snell not only playing from the woods but also from the right hand side of the fairway!!

The raffle this week was won by John Vice Captain Faulkner who confidently strode up hoping to pull the joker.

I was obviously wishing him to pull the joker as we are in the raffle 50-50 but sadly for us and to the joy of the whole club he drew the Queen of diamonds.

The raffle is now rolling over and again thank you to everybody to participate in this.

Have a good golfing week