Captain’s Speech 03/02/19

 Good afternoon;

I am going to start with some fantastic news that one of our club members is slightly richer than he was last week.

President Keith Davey won the raffle this Sunday so congratulations to Keith and should anybody need a short term loan Keith is the man to speak to  having scored nearly £300!

 The 24-hour pro versus the club simulator is now nearly full so if you have not already put your name up please do so for this inaugural event.

Also a heartfelt message should be sent out to Mike Smith this week managed to score 3 points on the front nine in a triple scoring competition which actually is very hard to do, so please keep all sharp implements away from Mike and long rope.

Rogue Gallery

The first picture is of Dru Sait playing a second opposite the hut on the 13th, really good to see Dru lengthening his Drive week after week.

The second picture is of a recent Captain pro match against Paul Waters and Roy Paine. As you can see the picture only shows Warren, Paul and myself as Roy’s only contribution to the round was a par and a correct read putt so thought it unfair to put him in the picture due to his minimal contribution!

The next picture is of Roy Paine trying to find his ball on the right hand side of the second deep amongst the undergrowth. The following picture shows Paul Waters after spending too long trying to find Roys ball emerging from the woods !!

This is now the fifth hole with Roy Paine looking for some relief due to his poor drive!!

The next picture is of Roy now playing his third shop on the fifth having not yet reached the ditch!

Unbelievably this is now Roy playing his 4th shot 10 yards over the ditch!!  What I love about Roy is his determination with even two shots on the hole just trying to scramble a point!

Now you would think after having an absolute shocker you would reset yourself and get back into the game but here we continue with Roys woes playing the second on the sixth from the front of the trees on the left hand side of 5, much to the humour of Vice Captain John Faulkner who is so glad his having a week off from being caught!!

Our last picture is of Tour Pro Warren  coming out of the trees on the second during our Captain/Pro match, now I could say he was deep in there looking for Roy’s ball but I have to tell the truth and this is Trev playing his second from postcode CT2 !

Have a good golfing week and please keep sending the pictures in for my last eight weeks.


Pilgrims Hospice Visit

Captain Darren Bovis and Clubs assistant professional Simon Page today visited the Pilgrims Hospice in Canterbury. After spending time with some of the patients in the day hospice they were photographed proudly holding the cheque for money raised so far by our members. Another moment to be proud of our club.

Leila Ilkhan, Community Fundraising Manager for the Pilgrims commented “As I am sure you have come to realise, the day hospice is a great service for our patients and their families to enjoy a social environment whilst taking part in activities that enhance their wellbeing, physically and emotionally. We are thrilled that you chose to support the hospice as your chosen charity and can’t express how much the money that you and the club have raised will make a difference, enabling us to continue providing a range of services and support for our patients and their families. We are looking forward to welcoming John and Sally to the team in April and are delighted to be able to carry on working with such a great club.”