Captain’s Speech 16th December

Club News 

Congratulations to John Burnage with a fantastic hole-in-one on the fourth on Sunday. John waspleased for two reasons, not only obtaining the hole-in-one but actually reaching the green as he stated in the cold weather these par 3s do play long !!

Please please continue repairing pitch marks as even the smallest chip is now leaving an indentation so please help Darren and the team by doing our part.

Christmas Carols will be at the club on Christmas Eve at 6:30 PM so anybody who would like a little singsong please attend .

Lovely to hear from John Brant this week after hibernating for the previous three.  I have heard a rumour John has been down the health farm so I look forward to the new slimline tonic when I see him!

This Wednesday, John & Warren played a Captain/Pro match against Ray Sidders and Len Lake. Warren was still feeling the effects of the Chinese alcohol poisoning he suffered the previous Saturday, but still managed half a dozen birdies. A halved front nine with an interesting forfeit on the 6th when John’s topped pitch (at least that is an improvement) went onto the green and apparently bounced Warren’s ball through the green and stopped where Warren’s ball was. They then both played the wrong ball!

Now that is quite a surprise in that Warren played your Dunlop without noticing his ball!

John then promptly hit his own ball out of bounds on the 7th to avoid any further confusion. (Just goes to show John now you are a big hitter the out of bounds from the tee is now in play for you )

A birdie from Warren and a net birdie from John saw them go 1 up at 10 and then some steady play by both Ray and Len took them to the 14th still only 1 down. Two birdies from Warren at 14 and 15 and a nett birdie from John at 16, saw them win 4 & 2, a score that belied the closeness of the match until the last few holes.

Our Captain/Pro match this week was another tight affair where Warren was still struggling from his Chinese alcohol poisoning for the fourth time!

We played Brian Cook and Paul Briner who were great company but here is Warren struggling from the effects of playing with John Brant during the week!

When I asked Warren did you not want to clear the path from the T, his reply was too many Mitrbeen matches have lulled him into thinking this is where you normally play your second shot from.

Here we see Brian Cook testing out the ditch on the 11th with Warren in close attendance, obviously taking notes to pass on to theMitrebeen Captain John next time he visits this area!

Not to be outdone we find find his partner Paul in the trees on the eighth playing his 3rd.

Even after all these shenanigans Paul and Brian still managed to beat us by one hole so congratulations to them both and thank you again for your kind donation to the Pilgrims Hospice.

Note to self … Warren to stop taking so many videos and pictures as we seem to be loosing our concentration on the golf !!

Rogue Gallery

We have a new entry this week as Stuart ‘reckless’ Redsell has entered the gallery. Thank Goodness for gravity as heshot managed to finally reach 37 yards going downhill from the 2nd tee.

 Now here is an interesting picture as we find three for the price of one.

If you look closely at the one in the middle with the white glove that is Tommy Johnston who is obviously trying to look camouflaged but not good enough cover that we cannot spot him!

 Great to see Tommy back though and continuing where he left off.

Here we have a picture of the new three-man bicycle that will soon be hitting the streets aptly demonstrated by Graham Smith , Steve Snell and Dru Sait!

If some of you have wondered where our new Mitrbeens vice vice captain has been well here he is speaking at the inaugural Viagra convention for the over 60s.

Here on a more serious note we find the damage caused by John Brant’s wayward tee shot that went out of bounds on the third!

Here we have one of our regulars Christmas Mulvihill showing that length is important as he just clears the ditch from the fourth tee.

This year’s Rogue’s Gallery has been very funny to lookat but here I have enclosed my favourite picture of the year as we find Barry Shepherd attempting to play his second from the seventh on the 15th Tee closely watched by Phil ‘salad dodger’ Veness!! 

This Sunday John Faulkner will announce his Vice Captain so I look forward to finding out who this will be.

Have a good golfing week


Competition Results w/e 16th December

Saturday 15th December
Bogey Stableford

Div A

1st Martin Gambrill = 0 (On Countback)
2nd Gianni Vitiello = 0 (On Countback)
3rd Brian Emslie = 0

Div B

1st Ian Hatton = +2
2nd Adrian Ingoldby = 0
3rd Steve Norcott = -2

2’s Adrian Ingoldby, John O’Sullivan

Sunday 16th December

1st Martin Izzard and Keith Holness = 45 points (On Countback)
2nd John Burnage and Tony Holter = 45 points
3rd Russ Lewthwaite and Pete Thomason = 44 points (On Countback)
4th Martyn Town and Ray Beer = 44 points

2’s Congratulations to John Burnage for hole in one