Saturday 18th November

Turkey Trot 4BBB

1st John O’Sullivan and Peter Fisk 45 points

2nd Mick Lane and Martin Gambrill 45 points

3rd Peter Barnard and Steve Norcott 43 points

Sunday 19th November

Turkey Trot 4BBB

1st Dru Sait and Del Clark 45 points (well played Del!)

2nd Ollie Youll and Paul Fawcett 44 points

3rd Colin Plews and Richard Miles 44 points


Captain’s Speech 19/11/17

After a beautiful sunny day on the course, presentations to winners of the two recent yellow ball competitions took place in the main bar.


This Friday, 24th November, there is a golf quiz night at the club.  A list is up in the goldfish bowl for those interested in participating.  I am reliably informed that John Faulkner and Warren have been preparing the questions, so with any luck, Warren should set something relevant to golf and it’s always nice to see John!!


Sunday lunches continue with at least another three weekends available.  Please see the lists in the goldfish bowl as Stewart is offering three sitting times with a varied menu choice and not the usual carvery.


The Children’s Christmas Party is on Saturday 16th December.  There are a few places left with children up to the age of 7 welcome.  A list is present in the goldfish bowl.


There is only one table left for New Years Eve and again, the list is in the Goldfish bowl.


Warren is having an evening soiree on 1st December in the pro-shop where all the tat he can’t sell at full price with be available at hugely discounted prices.  I believe wine and nibbles will also be available.  More details to follow next week.


We had a captain/pro match today against Roy Paine and David Bailey.  The match started well for us with a win on the first followed by an eagle on the third by Warren.  Following on from two weeks ago when Warren was introduced to ‘birdie juice’ by Ray Beer and Martyn Town, I presented Warren with my hip flask containing toffee vodka.  After a quick nip by all, we proceeded to win the fourth.  Adjacent to the fifth tee Roy continued to waffle on about something when Warren spotted his trolley making a hasty escape towards the 6th left hand green side bunker.  Roy leapt in to action sprinting towards the bunker like Forest Gump with callipers!!  Roy is pleased to say that he saved the trolley from entering the bunker, just, as we know he would have never heard the end of it!  After a spirited come back over the next two holes, the game came back to the challengers.  We ended the back nine with a nip from the flask and then proceeded to keep the flask out on the next couple of holes.  David clearly had given up hope of Roy helping out for the rest of the match and proceeded to take matters into his own hands.  A spirited fight on the 13th and 14th had us dormy four as we stood on 15.  With the 15th being conceded, we ended up with a 4 and 3 win.  Thanks to Roy and David for a great match and their contributions to the Captain’s charity.


There was a rather sleek sports car parked in the front car park which happened to be one of the prizes at the Summer Ball.  David Bone had been lucky enough to win a BMW i8 for the weekend and was making the most of it.  Bringing out his old gold medallion and greasing back a couple of hairs, David was prepared to take members for a drive around the car park.



The Club raffle prize has been steadily increasing over the recent weeks with the prize fund now standing at £1,034 to the winner.  Phil Hughes pulled blue ticket 59 and the murmurings started quickly as it appeared that it had to be one of the people in Kerry Murray’s group.  With no-one finding the ticket, Dick the Fish announced that it had to be Phatt Phil!  Phil was having trouble opening his wallet, and not for the reasons you all think.  Phil had a G&T in one hand and a number of roast potatoes in the other.  Thinking quickly, Phil managed to stuff the potatoes into his mouth and confirmed that he had, in actual fact, got the winning ticket.  As per usual the club house went quiet as Phil pulled a card from the pack.  Maintaining his popularity with the membership I was pleased to announce the 6 of spades.  There are now 14 cards left in the pack which includes the Joker and two aces.  Tickets will again be available from behind the bar from Monday morning.


Have a good week everybody and I look forward to seeing you all next week.




Peter Thomason

Captain 2017/18



Thursday 9th November

East Kent Alliance hosted by Chestfield

Steve Chandler and Richard Punyer 35 points, Dru Sait and Peter McCaig 35 points, John Faulkner and Darren (have you seen him) Bovis 34 points. Chestfield are currently in 4th place.

Saturday 11th November 

American Foursomes

1st Dave Wells and Phil Veness 39 points

2nd Sue Jones and Peter Welch 39 points

3rd Chris Mulvihill and Alan Hall 38 points

Thursday 16th November

Ladies Supper Stableford

1st Finola Paul 36 points

2nd Trisha Cheeseworth 35 points

3rd Patricia Boyce 33 points


Committee Meeting Minutes – November 2017

General Committee Meeting Minutes from November 2017.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me :

Peter Thomason

Captain 2017/18


Minutes of Committee meeting 07.11.17


On Friday 24th November there will be a quiz at the club and it is on all things relating to golf and not just golf rules as stated in yesterday’s email. Starts at 7 ish with teams up to a maximum of 4.

Wednesday 8th November

Mixed Stableford Poppy Trophy

1st Derrick Walden 39 points

2nd Mike Brockington 39 points

3rd Michael Bowler 38 points

Thursday 9th November

Ladies Stableford Waltz

1st Margaret Reeves 36 points

2nd Susan Hope 35 points

3rd Susan Clough 34 points

Sunday 12th November

Poppy Appeal Stableford

Div A

1st Brian Emslie 41 points

2nd Chris Broadbent 38 points

3rd John Burnage 36 points

Div B

1st Ian Hatton 43 points

2nd Peter Fisk 36 points

3rd Jason Whiting 35 points


On Sundays starting from 19th November our chef Stewart will provide roast potatoes to eat at the tables in the bar at lunchtime. This will be in addition to the usual nibbles on the bar.

Up to Christmas Sunday lunches are available at £17.95 for 3 courses. There is a sign up sheet in the Goldfish Bowl or contact Stewart direct.

On Friday 24th November there is a quiz night on all things golf starting at 7 pm. Teams up to a maximum of 4 can take part in this quiz. If you are interested let Warren or John Faulkner know.

On Friday 1st December as a thank you , Warren our lovely Pro and his team would like to invite you to a Christmas night in the shop between 4 pm and 8 pm. All items in the shop will be included in a Christmas sale.  Indulge in free mulled wine, tea, coffee, mince pies and snacks. There will be indoor golf games to play and prizes to be won. It is Chestfield Pro Shop’s way of saying thank you to all members and supporters this year.

Committee Meeting Minutes – October 2017

General Committee Meeting Minutes from October 2017.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me :

Peter Thomason

Captain 2017/18

Minutes of Committee meeting 10.10.17