Ready Golf


Following the successful trial concerning “READY GOLF” for club competitions played on Saturdays and Sundays, we are now introducing it as our preferred way of operating competitions.

As a reminder, “READY GOLF” means that players should play when ready to do so and not keep strictly to the farthest away from the hole plays first. It does not apply in Matchplay but applies in Strokeplay competitions. Players should still behave responsibly and only play when safe to do so.

In practice what does “READY GOLF” mean at Chestfield?

Shorter hitters playing from the tee or fairway first if longer hitters cannot play as they are waiting for players to clear in front.

If the player with the honour is not ready to play first from the tee then another player who is ready should go first.

Hit your shot before helping others to look for their ball.

Hit your shot when others have played from bunkers and are still furthest from the hole but are raking the bunker or cleaning clubs.

When players have gone through the back of the green, those off the front should chip up to the flag whilst the player gets to their ball over the back.

One player being ready from the tee before marking their card.

Please can all players try to abide with the spirit of these recommendations so that it speeds up golf for everyone. Please also always keep up with the group in front.

Del Clark Competition Secretary

Captains 2017/18

Club – Peter Thomason

Ladies Р Yvonne Bridge

Mitrebeens РDavid Barnard

Juniors – Ben Robertson


Congratulations to all!


(L-R David Barnard, Yvonne Bridge, Peter Thomason and Ben Robertson)